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1. What is an online video?

An online video is viewed via the Internet.  You will need access to the Internet to view the presentation. Our videos are compatible with PCs running Windows and Macs running OSX.  We support all popular browsers including Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome and Safari.

2. How long are the videos and how long do I have to view them?

The videos are approximately eight hours in length if you listen to them without pausing. You may watch the videos as often as you like.

3. Are there assignments?

There are no assignments, but I occasionally mention next steps to take, actions or exercises to do.

4. Will you send out printed materials or will I need to download them? Also, how soon will I be able to start the training after I've placed my order?

The materials are provided as downloads. Upon payment your will immediately receive an email with a link for downloading the materials and another link with user name/password for access the web-based videos.

5. What support is there, if any, by phone or e-mail, and how does it work?

Upon completion of your Self-Study you may contact your trainer, Anne Blumer, by email or phone for a total of one hour to ask questions and for support.

6. How is your training program different from other Professional Organizer Self-Study training programs?

Our program is designed to be comprehensive. We not only teach you how to work with clients and organize, equally important, we teach you how to start, manage and grow a business. Our program provides the information, skills and materials needed for a professional organizer to

  • form and grow their Professional Organizer business,
  • assess their skill level as a Professional Organizer and business owner, and
  • understand the client process.

7. Once a person completes this training are they a Certified Professional Organizer?

I am often asked, "After completing your training course will I be a Certified Professional Organizer®?" The short answer is no.

The long answer is you will receive a “Certificate of Professional Development and Attendance”. Self-Study participants receive the designation of Institute for Professional Organizers™ trained after passing the exam with a score of 70% or better. Seminar participants receive the designation of Institute for Professional Organizers™ certified. However this does not give you the designation of Certified Professional Organizer® or CPO® (see below).

Institute for Professional Organizers™ trained (Self-Study participants) or certified (Seminar participants) are credentials and international brand for the professional organizer’s business launch through their first years and for those who want comprehensive training and certification on our methodologies, systems, and procedures. This also lets your clients know that you have taken a rigorous training program.

There are specific requirements to become a Certified Professional Organizer® or CPO® and they are explained in the The Board of Certification for Professional Organizers (BCPO) Candidate's Handbook for the Certified Professional Organizer Credential.

When you compare the BCPO exam content with our curriculum you will find that our training program in combination with the 1,500 hours of paid client experience will give you a tremendous amount of information towards the BCPO certification.

Certification of any profession should never be as basic as completing a three-day Seminar or Self-Study course. To quote the BCPO handbook, "From an industry perspective, by becoming certified, an organizer will validate his or her knowledge and experience, based on the highest industry, psychometric, and legal standards. From the perspective of individual business, preparing for the examination is an opportunity to stay current in an increasingly competitive job market. From a personal perspective, sitting for the examination provides a unique opportunity to demonstrate the candidate’s self-confidence, professional commitment, and personal initiative in a professional environment governed by rigorous standards. A Certified Professional Organizer® will exemplify the importance of professional standards, and contribute to evolving standards in the industry as a whole."




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